Bissell History

The first Bissell Sugarbush was located in Austinburg, Ohio. Peter Bissell and his family helped settle the Western Reserve in the 1830's. They likely brought their love of maple syrup with them when they relocated from Connecticut. The original farm was a dairy, apple orchard, and surprisingly dahlias; the syrup was purely for family and friends during that period.

When the farm was put out of business by the construction of Route 90, Carl Bissell carried on the orchard at the new farm as well as the making of maple syrup. David Bissell married the girl next door, and he and Debby eventually settled down in Rock Creek to raise their children on a small farm where they make maple syrup.

David's son Nathan has adopted his family's love of maple syrup and brought the Rock Creek production into the 21st century. The sugar house is bigger than it ever was, with modern equipment from the reverse osmosis and vacuum pump, to the business computer and i-pad. Every year the family welcomes visitors wanting to learn about syrup production, with traditional methods as well as modern practices.

Like the family tradition of helping during apple season, the extended family and friends descend on the farm every year to help out with all aspects of maple syrup production, from tapping trees, cutting firewood and running the evaporator to making maple confections and performing live music for visitors. It is our way of making it through the long winter in the snow belt.