Craft Maple Syrup Collection 4-Pack


This craft maple syrup 4-pack is real… it’s authentic.  Nothing is infused with extracts or flavoring.  The aged maple syrup is triple barrel aged.  It is three times the work (and splinters!) to impart the oak sugars into the maple syrup.  It is not made to maximize profit.  It is made for the love of the craft.  #refusetoinfuse

Craft Maple Syrup… yeah, it’s a thing.  We take something pretty unique and make it even better.  We want to allow the consumer the chance to try a variety of our artisan products.

Sugarmaker’s Reserve

As Farmer Fred would say, “That’s stupid good.”  This is the best maple syrup in a crop.  During the maple season, there is always a drum of syrup that is really, REALLY good.  It is when the Red Maple and Sugar Maple sap start running together.  It is so good that just the thought of it makes a Sugarmaker giggle.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

We use our American Oak bourbon barrels one time for every batch of this specialty maple syrup.  Flavors from the toasted oak barrel are drawn into the bourbon over several months.  That character remains inside barrel walls, absorbed into the charred oak.  Our maple syrup, produced in those barrels, is aged for months until the flavor is just right.

Rum Barrel Aged Maple Syrup

Similar to the Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup, we use rum barrels and create a unique batch of this craft maple syrup.  This syrup will remind you of the old fashion butter rum candy.

Bees & Trees

A unique blend of pure maple syrup and honey.  This sweet blend is perfect as a topping for waffles, cereal, or sweetening a mug of tea.




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