Maple Candy

How We Make Maple Candy


  • Cook maple syrup to 238°-240°F.
  • Cool until temperature reaches 190°.
  • Stir constantly until syrup becomes sugary.
  • Pour in molds until cool.
  • Remove.


The maple candy process has many steps over many days:

  • Boil sap for syrup: 40-50 gallons sap=1 gallon syrup
  • Boil syrup for approximately 2 hours to thicken more
  • Let cool to 190 degrees, stir until starts to harden
  • Pour into maple leaf molds.
  • Let cool for a half an hour before removing from mold
  • Meanwhile, make the crystal candy coating by boiling more syrup for about one hour
  • Let maple leaf candy air dry for 12-24 hours
  • Let crystal coat cool to room temperature (overnight)
  • Submerge dried maple leaves in crystal coating
  • Allow candy to soak at least 6 hours
  • Remove candy and drain excess syrup, turning often
  • Place candy on rack for further draining/drying
  • Wipe top and bottom of candy to remove excess syrup
  • Flip candy every hour for 2 - 3 hours
  • Let candy completely dry for 4-7 days before packaging
  • Weigh and package candy
  • Thanks to the crystal coating, Maple Candy keeps for approximately 8 months

Please enjoy our labor of love!
-The Bissell Family